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Name:Gajeel Redfox
This is a roleplaying journal for Gajeel Redfox from the anime/manga Fairy Tail.

Wiki page is here, but if you want a quick summary...

Occupation: Fairy Tail mage
Canon Point: Episode 122/Chapter 253, right after Acnologia attacks Tenrou Island.
Family: Metalicana (adopted father), ????? (spoiler!)
Affiliation: Fairy Tail guild
Age: ????? My headcanon is that he's in the 18-19 range, around Erza's age
Personality: Gajeel is a jerk, but he's 'our' jerk. He's blunt, often sarcastic, and always up for a good fight, which he tends to take to with a viciousness his guildmates lack; he seems to genuinely enjoy beating the snot out of people and terrifying them in the process. He is, however, unfailingly loyal to his guild and his comrades, and tends to reserve his worst behavior for people who he thinks deserve it. The worst musician in the guild. Also has a soft spot for cats.
Abilities: Gajeel is a Dragon Slayer, which means he was trained by a dragon in magic meant for fighting dragons. Irony! Speaking of iron, Gajeel's elemental affinity is 'metal'. He can turn various body parts into weapons, breathe a tornado of iron particles, and even cover his entire body in steel scales. Outside of that, his physical abilities are pretty ridiculous; he's shattered something like Cloud's buster sword with his bare hands.
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